20 centuries
of history
1 500 m²
total area
14 bedrooms
different area
Villa Torre Paola is a unique space for meetings, personal growth and active recreation.

The villa invites sophisticated, but never ceasing to improve guests who are interested not only in constant development, but also in sharing their knowledge.
The villa was built in the XII study on the site of a Roman settlement, in the XVIII it was substantially reconstructed. This former residence of Pope Benedict XIII and Gregorio XVll. The Italian Queen Margherita lived here while her residence, the Savoy Castle, was being built. The fact is that Latin has been the Papal Region since ancient times, the Lazio region is its center.

Over the years, Villa Torre Paola has received such high-ranking guests as Pope Gregorio XVII and the Italian Queen Margherita.
Villa spaces
The first floor is divided into several convenient zones:
  • Bright sofa area at the Reception
  • Bar where tea, coffee, water, fruits are always available
  • A cozy fireplace room where lectures and evening conversations are held
  • Refectory - former house church, consecrated by Pope Benedict 13
Guest rooms
The villa has 14 guest bedrooms.
  • Each room has a double bed, wardrobe, private bathroom.
  • There are two types of rooms: with a view of the Emperor Nero Canal and with a view of Mount Circeo.
  • Bathrooms are equipped with all amenities, cosmetic accessories, a hairdryer and a set of towels.
  • There is a guest house on site with 2 apartments, each with 2 bedrooms.
  • Some rooms have balconies and terraces.
  • Rooms are cleaned daily.
Guest house
There is a guest house on site with 2 apartments, each with 2 bedrooms
Sport events
Villa Torre Paola organizes fitness camps, during which all workouts are carried out outdoors and on the coast, and contribute to recovery and the rapid acquisition of better physical shape.
  • Boot Camp
    A combination of functional, cardio and strength training aimed at improving your own physical fitness.
  • Slim Tour
    A complex of training under the supervision of professionals and proper nutrition, aimed at reducing body volume.
  • Yoga Retreat
    Immerse yourself in the secrets of yoga, meditation and Indian cuisine along with recognized world yoga gurus.
Master classes
Villa Torre Paola invites its guests to leave the bustle of the city and completely immerse themselves in a new topic.

Here you can be alone with your passion and meet like-minded people.
For example:

  • Devote yourself to cooking;
  • Learn a new foreign language;
  • Immerse yourself in the art of photography.

Plunge into the world of artistic culture and much more.

Children's camps at Villa Torre Paola are a unique opportunity for children and their parents to spend time with benefit during the school holidays.
The kids are in for some real surprises:

  • Sports and entertainment program from professional trainers;
  • Cognitive quests in nature;
  • Immersion in the nostalgic atmosphere of Artek: sleeping in tents, traveling in the mountains, evenings by the fire;
  • Horseback riding.

In the meantime, the children are busy, mothers are doing yoga, drawing in the open air and listening to lectures on art.

Our guests are in love with us
Villa Torre Paola
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