100 km
south of Rome
at the foot
of Mount Chercheo
2 minutes
to the sea
The villa is located in Western Italy, in the province of Latina, Lazio region, in the commune of Sabaudia between the Tyrrhenian Sea and Lake Paola.

Sabaudia is one of the smallest communes in Italy. Its area is only 144 km², which is 18 times less than the area of ​​Moscow, but 81 times more than the area of ​​Monaco.
Torre Paola tower
The coastline of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which has been recognized as the cleanest in Italy for 13 years in a row. The cliff of Circeo overlooks the sea, where the Goddess Circe held Odysseus, and right by the water there is a medieval guard tower.
Antique channel
An ancient canal built by Nero, connecting the sea with a 7-kilometer lake. Between the lake and the canal are white sands, which are called the "white sea of ​​dunes", there are a lot of flowers and shrubs of some special beauty.
Magical forest

A forest of centuries-old trees creeping along the ground, seeing which seems to get into the scenery for the filming of a Hollywood fairy tale or a mangrove!
Temple of Jupiter
The large temple complex of Jupiter of Anxur is located in Terracina at the very top of Mount Sant'Angelo at an altitude of 227 meters above sea level. The mountain dominates the area and all those who captured the city, naturally, were fixed on it. Built several centuries before our era.
Roman baths
Underground structures, climbing into which you get underground into the 40-hectare Roman baths built by Emperor Domitian I.
Villa Torre Paola
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