Seminar-training: "What kind of person will your child grow up to be"


Doctor of Psychology, prof. Yu.B. Gippenreiter.

The following areas will be clarified and worked out at the training seminar:

1) Determination of the child's condition; awareness of one's own feelings and the ability to express them non-conflict; building a constructive dialogue and trusting relationships.

2) The ability to properly help the child: how and in what situations one should intervene in the activity of children.

3) Elaboration and identification of problems and difficulties in raising children.

Online training with practical tasks will help transform the relationship with the child in a creative and comfortable direction. The skills and techniques of relationships acquired at this training will help participants become more skillful communicators, improve relationships with children and loved ones, learn how to properly help and build a dialogue with the child and choose the right approach to their upbringing. (Note: usually the individual result is proportional to the personal activity in the group).

Classes will take place in the form of group discussions, exercises in large and small groups on the Zoom platform.