The Italian language course with Dmitry Petrov 12-19.05

The Italian language course with Dmitry Petrov

Villa Torre Paola is hosting the long-awaited Italian language course with the legendary Dmitry Petrov, a polyglot who speaks 36 languages, the host of the program "Polyglot" on the TV channel Culture.

Participants are going to start the day with the development of bodily intelligence through pilates, yoga and aplomb ballet classes (stretching without pain) with a ballet dancer and a hatha yoga teacher Svetlana Zakharova.

Also, in addition to the main program, the camp includes cooking classes, long walks along the endless beach overlooking Mount Cerceo, meeting sunsets on the Tyrrhenian Sea, as well as warm evenings accompanied by acoustic guitar sets and Italian wine, which will forever leave Villa Torre Paola in your heart, as it has already happened to everyone who has been here.