Seminar-training: "Communication and self-knowledge"


1. Doctor of Psychology, prof. Yu.B. Gippenreiter

2. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, prof. A.N. Rudakov

Tasks of the training-seminar:

A. Development of communication skills and emotional intelligence: hearing the interlocutor, determining his condition based on non-verbal signs, in-depth understanding of him; awareness of one's own feelings, the ability to express them non-conflict; development of empathy and a general positive attitude in the space of communication.

B. Deepening understanding of oneself, one's life situation and tasks of personal growth.

C. Clarifying close relationship issues, parenting difficulties, and family ties and communication styles.

Participants will have the opportunity to become better communicators, improve relationships with children, loved ones, friends and colleagues, increase resilience to life's challenges, and better understand the challenges of their own growth and development. (Note: usually the individual result is proportional to the personal activity in the group).

Classes will take the form of group discussions, large and small group exercises, as well as demonstrations and workshop episodes.