INNER YOGA with Ana Shane

Ana is the head of the YogaDOM practices and a senior instructor, an experienced, versatile and multi-level instructor, a person in love with yoga and people, the author of the STI Yoga methodology and unique practices for developing yogic and personal potential. Personal practice experience – since 2000, teaching experience – since 2001.

“Each lesson is an event for me. I want to run to training, meet students, lay a rug in the center of the hall, and ... be together, close, in one stream, as if we are a single mechanism, as if there are no separate asanas, transitions, breaths – the whole lesson is one endless yoga. Yoga of my heart. The yoga of my soul,” says Ana.

Ana's students stay in yoga for a long time, practice with devotion and with great interest, because Ana can show different facets of yoga and directions of movement not only in practice, but also in life. She teaches to transfer the experience of yoga from the mat into everyday life.

Shane's practice is deeply psychological. On it, I cried more than once, watched my blocks and understood the moments of their origin. I often overcame myself, my laziness, my fears. Ana gives a vector, and you feel strength, energy, lightness, movement. Every time you walk a short distance, you feel the development.

To the question of what yoga is, Ana does not give a direct definition “in the unwillingness to limit, limit this infinite World. A world full of wisdom, sincerity, power and magic." Yoga was completely revealed to her quite recently, after 10 years of teaching: “She became something extraordinary, filled with herself, movements, breath, streams of my thoughts, actions, attitude. I am not a mystic, and I do not shout with delight at every corner, what superpowers the practice has revealed in me. I like to look at life soberly, without mystifying. Probably because a lot of that “magic” that we strive for through practice was given to me from birth. Yoga for me is love. And, like any strong and special feelings, it fills me and devastates me, gives joy and sadness, elevates me to heaven and hits the ground.

Open. Deep. Effective.

It is this practice of yoga that awaits us.

OPEN level of practitioners, the sequences are suitable for both beginners and already mature practitioners. Several levels of approaches to asanas, analyzing form by form, you will gain a holistic understanding of yoga with the body.

DEPTH of practice, how to tune in to the MAX result!

With what request you come, you will receive at the end of the seminar. Here you choose: peace, cheerfulness, strength, concentration, inner balance, fine lines of the body and even breathing. In fact, it is not necessary to choose, it is important to realize what exactly is for YOU and methodically follow the result day after day!

6 training days

Daily two 2-hour practice: in the morning and in the evening.

In the morning, the practice will be attuned to the Force!

INNER AGNI is a practice of constant movement, saturated with various creative variations of Surya Namaskar. Let's work out the smoothness of movement in jumping out of bakasana, tittibhasana into chaturanga. Let's work out the strength of the hands for the upper racks. Inside cycles are static forms. Sometimes different. sometimes - one asana, which we will repeat endlessly in variations, listening to the sensations of the body in it, reaching peak states.

I do not plan to practice asanas for a long time. Hour from strength. After the practice, long cycles of pranayama and meditation.

The scheme of the training sequence will be the same, but the lesson itself is different every day.

It is this scheme that has already established itself as the best way to enter the practice quickly and deeply. The sequences are simple, the asanas are accessible, while the load varies from the time of holding the asanas or the number of repetitions of the forms.

Evening practice will be about flexibility, smoothness, almost non-stop, a constant beautiful flow! The focus is on the length of the lines, smoothness and flexibility. Each of the practices will be aimed at sensitive work with one of the body parts (backbends, opening of the hip joints, splits, lotuses, etc.), the load will be adjusted adequately to the well-being of the group.

You fill the day with your personal rest:

– long walks on the sea

– reading

– communication

just a good restful sleep

We are happy to organize excursions for you if necessary.

INNER YOGA is a teaching method developed by me in an effort to make the most of the practice of yoga in a fast paced, modern world, and to adapt it for people living interesting, fulfilling lives with busy schedules. 12 training sequences designed to thoroughly activate and improve the body, turn on muscle memory, fix the state of maximum endurance, strength, flexibility and ideal beauty.

INNER YOGA is a teaching method that aligns the body and mind into one well-coordinated mechanism that can increase the standard of living many times over. This is a collection of knowledge of ancient practice collected in a single short training sequences that allow you to most effectively train the body, mind, psyche and the power of intention.

And now about the conditions ....

Oh, they are amazing as ever!


Luxurious villa - Space for Personal Growth - 100 km south of Rome.

On the very shore of the sea.

13 spacious well-equipped rooms, a sofa room with a fireplace, a swimming pool, a beautiful landscape!!!

Check the cost of the tour with the organizer of the seminar:

Di Soyfer (Daria) +7-916-54-54-265