Children's theater camp

"Magic Tales of Old Italy"
The program consists of two directions: "folk Italian fairy tale" and "commedia of masks dell'arte".

The Italian folk tale is the wisdom of many generations, denounced in a laconic comic form. In addition, where, if not in Italy, you can convey the unique atmosphere of local folklore.

In the first part of the program, we will get acquainted with the works of Italian folklore, master the genre of folk tales and how to stage it, immerse ourselves in a magical fairy-tale world.

In the second part, we will master the look of the Italian folk square theater, which served as a model for the development of such a genre as pantomime.

The master classes will consist of exercises aimed at developing imagination, attention and reaction, stage movement and revealing the character's character through body language.

The finale of the masterclasses will be a captivating production in two different genres, the combination of which will allow viewers and participants in the action to plunge into the world of old Italy.

Our teachers:

Savva Zakharovich Samodurov – theater and film actor, teacher of master classes. He studied at the college of Oleg Tabakov, graduated from the GITIS workshop of A.V. Borodin, former artist of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. In the present, the founder, director and teacher of the theater studio "KUB".

Yaroslava Andreevna Nikolaeva – theater and film actor, TV presenter, teacher of master classes. She graduated from the GITIS workshop of S. A. Golozazov. In the present, the host of the Karusel TV channel.

Nadezhda Dunichkina is a specialist in design and creative activities with children. She has been working in education for over 20 years. Higher pedagogical education with honors. Age range for work – children from 4 to 16 years.

In the program of the camp you will find a variety of creativity. We will create our own cartoon, our own story, we will think over the characters and the world in which they live. Let's try ourselves as an artist, decorator, animator, operator, director. We will learn about different animation techniques, our heroes will breathe, blink, rejoice and be sad, dance! And we will create our own carnival Italian masks! Decoupage, mosaic, inlay, applique, painting – this is an incomplete list of techniques that we will use!

On cozy warm evenings needlework awaits us, we will sew, knit, create our own for ourselves and our loved ones! And everything we create, we will take with us! The most valuable thing is what you invent and create yourself!

In addition, the children's camp will provide gymnastics with a qualified coach.